khalo gives investors risk guidance by providing quantitative analysis on where we are in the business cycle.

khalo is a web-based application that provides an accurate snapshot of the U.S. economy,
on a sector by sector basis.

We do it by displaying real-time trends for the most important available economic indicators.
khalo also allows you to modify individual sector dashboards to your own personal needs.
Our charting does not focus on the markets but on accurate and historical data.


Organize and track economic data in real-time

Search through 530,000 + series from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED)
List of economic indicators and their trends

Keep up to date with custom alerts

Get notified when a series reaches a target value, or when two indicators cross.
List of alerts

Dive deeper with
interactive charts

We support moving averages and rate of change as well as multiple series per chart.
Chart with a line graph

Link commentaries to your charts

Keep track of your research by writing commentaries and organize them per sector.
Speech bubble that represents a commentary

What our clients say

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Private Investor

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